Sustainable Stoughton

Create a Sustainable Stoughton

Sustainable Stoughton wants to provide a platform that encourages a community-wide dialog where all our citizens can articulate what sustainability means to them and their values in context of successful business, great schools, transportation, recreation or other daily needs and activities.


Using our creative capacity as citizens of Stoughton we hope to collaborate with other individuals and organizations so that we can create a community we are all proud of.  We have the capacity to choose what we focus on and many people and organizations in our community are already wrestling with the challenges of defining what are the important components of a sustainable community.  

Creating a common vision with your neighbors and idea of a sustainable Stoughton where we can “ensure that human and natural systems can flourish together into the future.”  

Consider joining us on our website, facebook site or future meetings to create a place we all want to live and thrive.