The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved. Richard Rogers

Current Projects 

  • Monthly Green Thursday educational events on sustainability topics

  • EARTH DAY EXPO - Community event hosting local artists, farmers, and musicians, City's Park & Rec, Stoughton's 2nd and 7th graders art and poetry, FREE workshops and presentations

  • Division Street Park gardens - perennial gardens that attract natural pollinators and require significantly less input in fertilization, watering and future plantings

  •  Community Art and Garden Market during Syttende Mai Weekend- hosting local artists, farm products, and musicians

  • Preservation of historical 1892 High School - broad coalition interested in finding community use for this beautiful building

  • Working towards sustainable riverfront development in downtown Stoughton

Volunteer Opportunities

Board membership
Fundraising events 


Division Street Park Gardens
Green Thursdays events, workshops, and other educational forums
Annual Rivers and Trails Task Force trail clean-up
Website development and maintenance
Grant research and writing